Data Warehouse user types

What is Data Warehouse?

In a broader sense data warehouse is a type of data management system, designed to enable and support business intelligence (BI) and analytics. Data Warehouse is mainly used to perform queries and analyses. They often contain large amounts of historical data.

Coming from multiple sources, SageData will centralize and consolidate your data in your data warehouse. Furthermore, SageData enables analytical capabilities, which allow your organization to derive valuable business insights from your data, thus improving decision-making. Over time, this will create a historical record, which will be invaluable to data scientists and business analysts.

SageData will create four types of user accounts so that each person responsible for different tasks in your organization has the right permission and role. Each of those accounts is connected with different capabilities.


Loader account

As the name states this type of account is used by integrations to load data in your data warehouse. Additionally, the account gives you the opportunity to model your data (combine and aggregate the data), and schedule and orchestrate data pipelines or workflows by using Airflow for example.

Reporting Account

Why else would you need data if not to gain important insights and recognize patterns and dependencies, as well as trends or distress?
The reporting account gives you the possibility to visualize the data (using Data Visualization tools), thus gaining more knowledge about your business.
This account has Readonly permissions – can access the data for analysis and visualization, but does not have the permission to alter, change or create data models. Typically used by Tableau.

Personalized User Accounts -> Part of group Analysts and used by data analysts to run queries.

SageData also gives you the opportunity to create personalized user accounts. As an example, SageData can create Groups to manage accounts with similar functionalities and permissions altogether. For example: all personalized accounts can belong to Data Analyst Group.
The Data analyst group consists of multiple accounts, which can run queries (read-only), for analyzing information.