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What is a Social Media Report?


Most companies have a diverse and ubiquitous presence on Social Media and it is key to understand the impact of that presence in order to better engage and expand your audience. Having a multitude of profiles, such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and many others, poses a challenge for combining all data together and making sense of it. At the most basic level, every company needs to know the daily trend in follower count as well as engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares) across all of their Social Media channels.

Reach, Engagement, Impressions and Viewers are the core metrics of the basic Social Media Report. The reach shows how many unique users have seen the content, while impressions – how many times it was shown. Engagement relates to any interaction of users with the content, such as comments, likes, shares and others. Count of Viewers, is the number of visitors that have seen for at least 3 seconds the content of the page. The line charts are useful time-series display of how views and viewers change over time. This could be very helpful, for example, for seeing whether certain marketing efforts affect user attraction and retention across some social media channels. The Average # of Online Users by Hours is a heatmap showing the distribution of visitors by weekday and hour. That information helps in deciding when is the best time for publishing content so that it has the greatest reach. More to that, having semantic analysis of social media comments (positive tone, negative tone or neutral tone) helps the social media managers understand the emotions that the content inspires in the audience.

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Important elements of a Social Media Report


Reach by Continent

number of users that saw the content, grouped by continent

Viewers by Age and Gender

aggregates the viewers by age and gender to give detailed demographic overview

Likes Difference by Day

shows the difference in likes from the day before


It is important to see how users interact with your content over time and if your engagements are growing.

Other KPIs often found in Social Media Reports


Likes, Shares and Comments by Day

shows time-series of the core social media metrics, by day

Average View Time per User

(video only) how many seconds or minutes the average user spends on your videos

Retweets by Age

groups users that retweeted your tweets by age brackets

Social Referral Traffic by Day

shows how many visitors to your website originate from your social media profiles

Conversions, Leads and Purchases

how many conversions, leads and sales you have attributed to the different social media

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