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Cloud Business Intelligence Platform

Best cloud based platform for business Intelligence. We manage Integrations, Data Warehouse, Modeling, Data Visualisation and Machine Learning for data-driven businesses around the world.


SageData builds the most powerful and flexible tools for data management. Whether you’re a startup, a global enterprise, an e-commerce store, or an e-sports team, SageData’s meticulously designed BI tools and unmatched functionality will help you blend and analyse your data for actionable insights.

  • Event Tracking that delivers detailed events on user actions.

  • Integrations with Facebook, Google, and many other platforms.

  • Data Warehouse and ELT server to manage your SQL scripts.

  • Machine Learning with prediction and classification algorithms.

  • Data Visualization to let you build your own reports as you like them.




Track events in your app or website and see the events in your Data Warehouse in as little as 10 minutes. Our analysts can help you design insightful reports on your.

Tracking Management Tool

Visualise your tracking events as you create them by uploading an image of a page where tracking is needed and create accurate and validated tracking events with few clicks.


Execute SQL code against your Data Warehouse on schedule without worrying about infrastructure. Model your data to fit your business KPIs.



Get your data from Facebook, Google, Hubspot and many other platforms and deliver it right into your Data Warehouse, regardless if it is hosted by us or by you.


Hosted Data Warehouse solution for those who want Analytics without the need to maintain infrastructure. Managed, so you can focus on your business.

Anomaly Detection

Monitor your timeseries data and receive notifications when anomalies or sudden spikes/declines are observed in your data stream.

Data Validation

Powerful tool to ensure accuracy and timeliness of your data. Receive notification when we spot duplications in your data or missing data in some days.


Hosted data visualisation and analysis tool that connects to your data warehouse and allows you to explore your data and build reports.

Robust Data Analysis Tools

Create powerful reports that provide actionable insights without the worry of infrastructure or maintenance. We give you full access to your detailed data so you can create insights as unique as your business.

Our team of experienced analysts can also create the reports for you.

Data Warehouse and ETL

SageData provides scalable and powerful Data Warehouse that adapts to the growth of your business and scales as fast as your needs do.

Your team always has full direct access to your Data Warehouse and ETL/ELT instance to run and schedule SQL scripts and Data Modeling jobs.

We use Git to ensure robust versioning and continuity.


Visualize analytics and discover new insights and anomalies based on extensive data science algorithms. Create a trusted view of data with data accuracy and timeliness tools, robust ETL/ELT frameworks, pre-configured reports, and 1-click data visualization portal.


SagData provides a set of rich integrations to bring your data from various data sources together into your Data Warehouse. With just a few easy clicks, we make it easy to bring all your data together.



Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram integrations for social metrics, such as page views, likes, video plays etc.



Google and Facebook advertising cost data broken down by day, campaign and ad creative.



Shopify and Amazon Merchant integrations for store performance. Transactions, sales, refunds and much more.



Mailchimp integration gives you the power to merge your campaign results with the rest of your data, creating powerful insights.



Our HubSpot and Close.io integration brings the detailed data from your CRM system right into your data repository.


JIRA issues, worklogs, projects are delivered into your Data Warehouse to give you the flexibility to create custom productivity reports.


Access your App Store and Google Play payment and revenue data and blend it together for accurate revenue reporting.


Twitch, Taboola, Outbrain are just some of the many other integrations that we offer to enable your business to be data driven.


* - Free plan is valid for new customers for up to 3 months

Need help with your in-house BI?

We offer Business Intelligence consulting and custom technology solutions to suit your business. Whether you need to build a new Data Warehouse, integrate a data source or optimize a data transformation process, we can help.