The future of Business Intelligence

Combine all your Data and create insightful Reports using our innovative cloud BI Platform. 

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Focus on data,
not the headache

Sage Data offers a single solution to take care of all your data needs.


  • handle infrastructure

  • integrate your data sources

  • run custom data models

  • visualise your data (build reports)


  • ask the right questions

  • focus on growing the business

  • enjoy the freedom and the credit

How we work

We integrate all your data sources (like Google, Facebook)

We deploy you a scalable Data Warehouse

We set up tracking for your App or Website

We run ETL with Data Modeling and Magic

We build you reports that give you insight (like Attribution, Cohort)

The complete toolkit
for your data

Track events in your app or website and see live data in your Data Warehouse in as little as 10 minutes. Our analysts can design insightful attribution modeling for you.

Tracking Management Tool

Visualise your tracking events as you create them by uploading an image of a page where tracking is needed and create accurate and validated tracking events with few clicks.


Hosted Data Warehouse solution for those who want Analytics without the need to maintain infrastructure. Managed, so you can focus on your business.

Anomaly Detection

Monitor your timeseries data and receive notifications when anomalies or sudden spikes/declines are observed in your data stream.


Get your data from Facebook, Google, Hubspot and many other platforms and deliver it right into your Data Warehouse, regardless if it is hosted by us or by you.


Execute SQL code against your Data Warehouse on schedule without worrying about infrastructure. Model your data to fit your business KPIs.

Data Validation

Powerful tool to ensure accuracy and timeliness of your data. Receive notification when we spot duplications in your data or missing data in some days.


Hosted data visualisation and analysis tool that connects to your data warehouse and allows you to explore your data and build reports.

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Data consulting

We offer Business Intelligence consulting and custom technology solutions to suit your business. Whether you need to build a new Data Warehouse, integrate a data source or optimize a data transformation process, we can help.

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