Data driven decisions for any budget

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Insurance company managers are using predictive analytics tools.

Everything to manage data

SageData Business Intelligence platform combines everything a modern business needs to be data driven. Our technology integrates well with your infrastructure, allowing you to keep any process in-house.

Data Integrations

Export and combine data from over 250 popular platforms.

Data Modeling

ETL/ELT to process data and apply KPI formulas and metrics.

Data Warehouse

Process data in your SageData Data Store or use your own.

Data Visualization

Powerful reporting module to create insightful reports.



Tier 1

Get started with data
69 per month
  • Up to 10 000 000 rows
  • 5 Data sources

Tier 2

Scale up and leverage data sources
500 per month
  • Up to 50 000 000 rows
  • 10 Data sources

Tier 3

Become a data-driven organisation
1250 per month
  • Up to 200 000 000 rows
  • 20 Data sources
  • Custom Integrations
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Custom Modern Data Stack
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  • Unlimited rows
  • Unlimited Data sources
  • Custom Integrations
  • Managed Data Warehouse

Plan Features

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Enterprise
Price69€ / month500€ / month1250€ / monthCustom
Data Integrations
Rows10 million rows/month50 million rows/month200 million rows/monthCustom
Custom Integrations
Historical SyncUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Extraction Log Retention7 days7 days60 days60 days
ISO 27001 compliance
Advanced Features
Post-load webhooks
Advanced scheduling
Notifications via Slack or email
Connect API access
Git Repository
Multiple Environments
Single Sign On
DPA Agreement
(signing of DPA)
(signing of BAA)
VPC peering (AWS only)
Global SupportPortalPortalSlackSlack
Security and Access
Firewall access
IP Whitelisting
Data Management *
dbt Data Modeling Templates
Airflow instances
Data Visualisation
Metabase **
Tableau Licenses ***
Tableau Report Templates
Select Start now Grow now please reach out via chat or for custom plans

* – Data Management with Airflow and DBT is priced at €150 per Airflow instance per month.

** – Each Metabase is priced at €100/month.

*** – 2 Tableau viewer licenses are included with the plan for the clients who wish to leverage Tableau Online for data visualization. Additional licenses can be acquired with SageData or directly with Tableau. Pricing for Tableau licenses is at Tableau posted prices on

All our plans include​



Reach out to our data engineers via our live chat and quickly solve your data challenges.


Our systems encrypt your data to give you confidence that your most valuable resource is safe and secure.

100% Data Ownership

Your data is always yours. Plus, our platform allows you to keep any part of your BI stack in-house.


Forecast your data into the future to know exactly where your business is heading.

Anomaly Detection

Be the first to know when your data is not complete or is different from the ususal trends.

Data Validation

Ensure consistency, timeliness and accuracy in your data to have a peace of mind that your reports are always up to date.

Extras and options

Tableau Logo

Data Visualization

Run Tableau or Metabase reports on your data to give everyone in your company full understanding of the trends, KPIs and metrics.

dbt logo

DBT Data Modelling

Run DBT Models to effortlessly aggregate data and create complete overview of your business.

Data Lake

Store your data in SageData managed Data Warehouse and remove the headache of managing infrastructure.

Analytics with scale

Limitless Analytics

Our Limitless Data Analytics offering is designed for companies ready to take advantage of the limitless potential of their data.

Reach out to SageData team for a FREE consultation.