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Human resources

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What is an HR Report?


People are an important part of every thriving business. Retaining and motivating the human talent is as much an art as it is a science. Whether you want to improve your employee retention or understand workforce satisfaction survey results, SageData can give you the right integrations and tools to bring all of your data together and visualise it, so you can have a clear picture. Our HR Report displays some of the most popular metrics used by people teams. Overall Labor Effectiveness and Absenteeism reveal what is the average productivity among the workforce and how many unexcused absences there were in relation to the total working days. Revenue per employee shows, on average, how much each employee contributes to the company, in financial terms. The Recruiting Funnel is a great way to easily understand the selection process of the company and see what stages are most effective for talent evaluation. This could be used to fine-tune the recruitment process which then leads to lowering the cost of hiring (in terms of time and money spent).

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Important elements of a Human Resources Report


Technical vs Non-Technical Employees’ Turnover Rate

what percentage of the workforce is leaving each month, grouped by technical versus non-technical staff

Applications by country

where most of the applications come from; espacially good for remote teams

Average # of Days to Hire

on average, how many days pass from opening a job to hiring

# of Applications by Source

shows where job applicants apply for jobs posted by the company

Other KPIs often found in Human Resources Reports


Total Training Cost

the total amount of funds spent on employee training

Training Cost per Employee

the total training cost divided by the number of employees that went on a training

Growth of Revenue per Employee

the amount of revenue the average employee contributes to the revenue growth

Cost of Hiring

shows the cost of acquiring talent by the level of expertise

Overtime Hours by Department and Month

the number of hours worked extra by department and month

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