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Effortlessly connect to data from external platforms and export it into any destination, such as S3, Redshift, Snowflake, Excel, CSV, Azure and many more.

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SageData Integrations

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Optimize your data warehouse by selecting specific objects you need replicated.

Export historical data

Export historical data without the need for manual data dumps.


Automate your data export to run as frequently as you need it.

Amazon Advertising data connection

Amazon Advertising

amazon-advertising connector

Amazon Marketplace data connection

Amazon Marketplace

amazon-marketplace connector

Facebook Page Insights data connection

Facebook Page Insights

facebook-page-insights connector

Facebook Public Page Insights data connection

Facebook Public Page Insights

facebook-public-page-insights connector

Google Analytics GA4 data connection

Google Analytics GA4

google-analytics-ga4 connector

Google Search Console data connection

Google Search Console

google-search-console connector

Instagram Insights data connection

Instagram Insights

instagram-insights connector

Referral SaaSquatch data connection

Referral SaaSquatch

referral-saasquatch connector

Salesforce Marketing Cloud data connection

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

salesforce-marketing-cloud connector

Twitter public account metrics data connection

Twitter public account metrics

twitter-public-account-metrics connector

Yahoo Advertising data connection

Yahoo Advertising

yahoo-advertising connector

Youtube Analytics data connection

Youtube Analytics

youtube-analytics connector