About Us

About Us

Our team is only as good as what out clients say about us. This is why we work hard and focus on delivering quality in our work. Reach out to us and see for yourself what we can do for you!

kirill andriychuk

Kirill Andriychuk​

Data Architect, Consultant and co-founder​
A true pioneer in Business Intelligence with more than 20 years under his belt. Kiril has spearheaded countless leadership roles thanks to his exceptional expertise in Tracking Tools, ETL/ELT pipeline, Data Warehouse Design, Reporting, and Visualisation. Today, he lights the way forward for start-ups as a consultant. He is the driving force behind their rise to power from 0 to full-enterprise BI stack in just a matter of 30 days.

Dobrin Stoilov

Data Analyst (Tableau, Metabase)
Known internally as the one-man-data-army, Alexander is by far one of the most renowned Tableau specialists out there. He earned his stripes through his priceless experience with platforms such as Looker, Tableau, Metabase, as well as data repos like Snowflake and Redshift. This has made him a force in Data Validation and Analysis to be reckoned with.

Dimitar Petrunov

CTO and co-founder
Dimitar is the builder of technological wonders at SageData. He is the eternal overseer of stability and security when it comes to our infrastructure. In between his ground-breaking work on the next major feature, Dimitar is just as excited to hop on a quick call to guide you through the data challenges towards success.