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Dimitar Petrunov

CTO and co-founder

With strong aptitude for building technological wonders, Dimitar is responsible for the stability and security of the SageData infrastructure. When he is not too busy working on the next big feature with his team, Dimitar is happy to jump on a call with a client to help them with any data challenges.

Expertise: Tableau, Data Visualisation, Redshift, Reporting, Validation

Dobrin Stoilov

Data Analyst (Tableau, Metabase)

Experienced and meticulous Data Analyst a dab of Data Engineering and a lot of ambition. Dobrin is a well rounded Data Analyst with equally good aptitude for reporting and data visualization, data modeling and validation. One of his key strength is tracking taxonomy and attribute modeling for startups.

Expertise: Data Analysis, Redshift, Tableau, Metabase, Tracking Taxonomy, Attribution Modeling, Data Validation

Alexander Shinkovich

Analytics Advisor (Tableau)

One of the best Tableau specialists our there with strong skills in Data Validation and Data Analysis. A one-man-data-army with experience working on platforms such as Looker, Tableau, Metabase as well as underlying data repositories such as Snowflake and Redshift.

Expertise: Data Analysis, Redshift, Tableau, Looker, Attribution Modeling, Data Validation

Oleg Vinyavski​

Data Visualization Specialist (Tableau, Metabase, PowerBI)

Creative Data Visualisation expert with extensive knowledge of best practices in effective Data Presentation and Reporting. Oleg creates beautiful yet meaningful reports that help our clients easily understand the story and make the right decision.

Expertise: Tableau, Data Visualisation, Redshift, Reporting, Validation


Integrations Specialist

Yash works alongside our technology team to help us add and maintain integrations. As a promising young expert, Yash feverishly undertakes challenging tasks related to our integrations and this commitment to excellence allows SageData integrate new data sources for our clients in less than 24 hours.

Expertise: Data Analysis, Redshift, Tableau, Metabase, Tracking Taxonomy, Attribution Modeling, Data Validation

Kirill Andriychuk

Data Architect, Consultant and co-founder

With over 20 years in Business sIntelligence and countless roles as Head of Data, Head of BI and Interim Head of BI, Kirill brings a wide level of expertise in Data Warehouse Design, Tracking tools, Data Reporting and Visualisation, ETL/ELT pipeline and how to use data to make the right decisions. Kirill works as consultant with startups to help them scale from 0 to a full enterprise BI stack in under 1 month.

Expertise: Data Strategy and Implementation, BI Stack Architecture, Data Analysis, Large Scale BI Migrations, Data Analytics, Data Governance, Master Data Management.

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