Analytics For Customer Support

Analytics For Customer Support

Data can help you improve Customer Support

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What is a Customer Support Report?


The old adage that ‘the customer is king’ might be banal but it is as true today as it was 100 years ago. Apart from providing great value by offering a product or a service, an important aspect of customer success and satisfaction is post-sale communication and care. A Customer Service report from SageData shows several metrics of the performance of a customer-facing team. One of the most important metrics is the Average Response Time because a quick response to customer requests is essential for great customer satisfaction. The Average Resolution Time is another important metric that shows end-to-end handling of customer requests. Lengthy resolution times may indicate that the customer success team is struggling with the volume and complexity of customer inquiries.

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Important elements of a Customer Support Report


Resolved Requests %

Percentage of all customer requests have been resolved successfully

Response time by weekday

The speed of response to CS issues by the Customer Support team, broken down by weekday

Customer Support Team Performance Scatterplot

Performance metrics for the CS team, based on several factors: number of tickets undertaken, success rate and customer evaluation

Requests by country

Groups the tickets (requests) by what country they came from

Customer Support Reports KPIs

  • Answered Requests % – What amount of all requests have been answered and the work for their resolving has been started
  • Cost-per-Ticket – The average cost (in terms of salary of the employee) for each ticket that was resolved
  • Average Response Time: How fast is your response time to the customer tickets
  • First Call Resolution: Avoid customers calling back for the same issue
  • Customer Churn: Ensure your customers keep coming back to your business
  • Top Support Agents: Find out who is your star agent in the team
  • Number of Issues: Monitor the number and kind of issues over time
  • Customer Satisfaction: How happy are your customers
  • Net Promoter Score: How good are your referrals
  • Customer Effort Score: Get valuable feedback on the customer experience
  • Customer Retention: Evaluate how many customers are coming back
  • Net Retention Rate: Calculate how much business growth you generate
  • Service Level: See if you deliver the services as you committed to
  • Support Costs vs Revenue: Monitor support expenses in percentage of revenue
  • Revenue Churn: Track how much revenue was lost from existing customers who left your business
  • MRR Growth Rate: Monitor your recurring revenue constantly

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