Google Ads

Google is going to turn off the google AdWords API on the 27th of April 2022. SageData has created the new “Google Ads v3” connector that uses the new API. It’s not just a new version of the old API but a completely different API experience. We are also providing a link to the reports and field mappings between the old and new APIs:

Setting up Google Ads integration with SageData

First, log into your SageData Cabinet, then click the Integrations tab on the start page.

Adding new integration with SageData
Adding new integration with SageData step one

On the Integrations page, click the + New Integration button in the upper right corner.

Adding new integration with SageData
Adding new integration with SageData step two

Look for Google Analytics v3 button in the list of available Integrations. You can search manually or use Search field.

Google Ads integration with SageData

Giving SateData Access

Once you press the corresponding button, you will see the Access approval section. Press ADD GOOGLE ADS ACCESS button to grant access to SageData app and start your integration process.

Google Analytics integration acess with SageData
Google Analytics’s GA4 integration with SageData step four

Once done, you will be redirected to the Sign in with Google page. Enter credentials to your Google account you wish to connect.

Approve SageData access to Google Ads

When the authentication process is finished, allow the app a few seconds to process the information. Once the page is updated, please choose your Google Ads account from the dropdown menu and select any data sources you wish to replicate into your Data Warehouse.

Google Ads integration with SageData

After the data types are selected you’ll see an option to Choose a data destination. Tap on Select destination and choose the data warehouse where you want your data delivered.

Choose Data destination for SageData
Choose the destination for SageData integration data

Below you’ll also have an option to set up the Integration name of your choice. Please keep in mind that the integration name will be reflected in your table name in the Data Warehouse.

Adding a name to SageData integration

Advanced Options

Finally, there is also an Advanced menu for you to set some additional conditions for the exported data. For example, in the Sync Historical Data, you can set start and end days for your integration. The default option would be the last 5 days.

For the lookback window, we recommend to use 14 days, instead of the SageData default of 5 days because Google often updates the data as far back as weeks.

Google Analytics integration with SageData
Google Analytics’s GA4 integration with SageData step twelve

Right after you set everything up, click Save button at the bottom of the screen to automatically start the integration, and within a few minutes, the data will be added to the chosen data warehouse.


Congratulations! Google Ads Integration is now all set and available in your SageData account!