Adding a LinkedIn Dashboard to your SageData account is very easy! It takes just a few clicks and in less than 5 minutes you will get a detailed LinkedIn advertisement report.

Watch this short video with the live walkthrough:



Or if you prefer following the text, the whole process is listed down here. You will need to complete a few simple steps.

First, open the Integrations tab in your SageData personal cabinet.

integrate SageData with linkedin
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData first step

Click + New Integration button in the top right corner.

LinkedIn integration with SageData
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData second step



Find LinkedIn in the list of available Integrations and click on the button.

LinkedIn integration SageData
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData third step


You can also use Search to find the button you’re looking for even faster – this step works for all Integrations.

Search LinkedIn Integration

Tap ADD LINKEDIN ACCESS button to grant access to SageData app.

Add LinkedIn acess to SageData
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData fourth step



Next, you’ll see the LinkedIn Welcome Back window that will ask for your login and password to the LinkedIn account you are using for integration. Enter your credentials in the corresponding fields, then give permission for the app to use your Linkedin account info.

Linkedin log in
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData fifth step



After the authentication process is completed, give the information a moment to process, and once the page is updated, press Select Account and choose your advertising account from the dropdown menu.

Select account to integrate LinkedIn to SageData
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData sixth step


LinkedIn's integration with SageData
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData seventh step

It takes a few seconds for the next menu to load the Select data to replicate section. Once it’s ready, you are able to choose Data types you want to analyse right there. As an example, here we choose all the columns for campaign_groups, campaigns and ad_analytics_by_campaign.


Below you’ll see an option to Choose data destination. Tap on Select destination and from the opened dropdown menu choose data warehouse where you want chosen data delivered.

choose data destination
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData eight step


Finally, set Integration name at the bottom left of the screen.

Integration name for Linkedin
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData ninth step


There is also Advanced menu for you to set some additional conditions for the exported data. For example, in the Sync Historical Data you can set start and end days for your integration. Default option would be the last 5 days.

Right after you set everything up, click Save button at the bottom of the screen to automatically start the integration, and within a few minutes the data will be pushed into chosen data warehouse.

SageData integration LinkedIn
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData tenth step


After all chosen data was pulled from the LinkedIn account, go to the Data Viz tab and click on the appeared LinkedIn Advertising Dashboard window.


Voila! You have a full analysis of your LinkedIn advertisement right there! All your team members who are comfortable working with Tableau are now able to download and further improve this dashboard.

LinkedIn Adverstising dashboard by SageData
LinkedIn’s integration with SageData eleventh step