Data Science – Overview

Data Science module is a collection of tools to help you make the most out of your data. There are currently 3 production modules available:

  1. Data Validation and Monitoring
  2. Data Forecasting
  3. Anomaly Detection

Data Validation module is designed to ensure you have clean and accurate data every day to make correct decisions.

Forecast module helps you forecast the time-series data into the future so you always know where your business is heading.

Anomaly Detection monitors your data streams for sudden increases or decreases in the data trends. This is a great module to use if you want to be the first to know when something changes in your business and you have a sudden spike or decline in users or revenues.

The Forecast and Anomaly are calculated every day at a specified anchor time. If no anchor time is selected, they are executed at 01:00 AM UTC.

SageData will send you notification emails when anomalies are detected in your data.

Check out more info on how our Forecasting and Anomaly detection works in this video: