Adding a New Integration

Launching an integration on SageData platform is extremely easy and straightforward.

Make sure that you have added at least one data destination in the Admin section of SageData portal.

Choose an integration that you would like to get the data from. You can use the search field at the top right corner to search through available integrations.

Click on the [ + ] under Add to add a new integration

In some cases there could be multiple integrations to choose from, so select the one that suits you the most

In some cases, you may need to authenticate to allow our systems to access your data. There will be a button prompting you to do that inside the integrations that need authentication.

Once done, you will need to choose an account from which you want us to get your data. In many cases there could be multiple accounts under one set of credentials.

Next, tell us where you would like us to deliver your data

You have an option to get historical data

And a choice of how often you want the data replicated. We recommend leaving this one at a default 24 hours.

Once that is done, give your integration a name so you can distinguish it from other integrations and you are all set. The data should be in your Data Warehouse after the next scheduled execution.