Security and Access


All of the data processed and stored by SageData is encrypted with a unique encryption key that are regularly rotated.

Encryption at Rest

All of the data at rest is encrypted with AES-256 Encryption algorithm.

Encryption in Transit

SSL connections

SSL/TLS ensures that communication between SageData and any platfrom using it remains private and secure. SSL/TLS is a standard security technology used to establish encrypted communication between a web server and a browser.

SSH tunnels

SageData offer SSH tunnel option if a database you want to connect to SageData doesnÔÇÖt support┬áSSL connections┬áor isnÔÇÖt publicly accessible.

The steps for setting up an SSH connection vary depending on where your database is hosted. If your database access requires SSH tunnel, SageData offers SSH option in the Add New Destination screen.

From within your SageData account go to Destinations -> Add New Destination and you will be presented with the connection parameters that include SSH tunnel option.

User Management

Invite your team members to collaborate on the SageData platfrom. Click on your account in the top right to reveal the dropdown with the new “User Management” selection. Each new user will receive a welcome email from SageData.

For each new user you can select what role your team members will have. You can choose from two roles: 

Maintainer – has access to everything and is able to create new integrations, add any module and add, edit and remove users. Has basically all permissions as the owner (except the possibility to delete the owner).

Readonly – can only see what integrations and modules are activated, but cannot change, add or remove anything.