Business Intelligence for Small/medium Business


The business world is a competitive place. Businesses, no matter how small or big, all need to adapt to the fast-paced environment. That makes technology and data crucial for sustainable business growth.

That, however, may be difficult for small and middle-sized businesses to obtain, which leads to the need for Business Intelligence tools for small businesses. Relying on such software could be highly beneficial – it gives managers the know-how to run and manage their teams better.

For what purposes Business Intelligence for Small & Medium businesses would be useful for your business?

Business Intelligence for small and middle-sized enterprises is valuable as it helps in reaching targets, optimizing businesses, and most importantly, making them thrive. The best part about Business Intelligence for small businesses is that it provides solutions for businesses regardless of their size, needs, and niche.

For owners of small businesses, business intelligence could be a gamechanger. The turnover will improve communication between employees, help make informed decisions, create a reasonable budget plan, improve efficiency, and help enhance the overall business performance.

How can Business Intelligence for Small & Medium businesses help you improve overall business performance?

Some other benefits of business intelligence for small and medium businesses are:

  • End-to-end insight on how well your business is operating;
  • Real-time access to dashboards to track your main KPIs;
  • Dashboards and KPIs tailored to your business needs – restaurant, hotels, online stores, B2B service companies, etc. can all create customizable KPI Dashboards;
  • Tracking of the overall marketing performance – sales, social media engagement, etc.;
  • Access to information about customer preferences and behaviour;
  • Tracking of profits, revenues, costs, etc.;
  • Possibility to predict consumer behaviour and other important possible outcomes;
  • Opportunity to create engaging reports;

Business Intelligence Solutions from SageData

SageData has specialized in creating Business Intelligence for small business and medium-sized business owners.

Area of expertise

Our impeccable team can help you develop applicable and reasonable solutions. They have more than 20 years of experience in the field of business intelligence for small and middle-sized enterprises.

Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Warehouse Architects, and Market Analysts will be there for you every step of the way. Our professionals will develop an entirely personalized solution for your business, considering your needs, objectives, and last but not least – niche.

SageData’s most crucial benefits

Our 140 Data Integrations will successfully pull out the most relevant data for your business. All of this data will be then taken to your personalized Data Warehouse. You are also allowed to add external Warehouses if you have any – whatever suits you best.

What other tools do you get access to?

SageData’s Business Intelligence tools for small businesses also come with:

  • Customizable KPI Dashboards – Create as many dashboards as you want and arrange your KPIs however you think would be best;
  • Access to fast and reliable software – At your disposal, you also get Management Reporting Software, Enterprise Resource Planning Software, RFM Analysis software, Data Visualization Software, Business Analytics Software, etc.;
  • Conversion Funnels – Understanding where on the funnel visitors and potential buyers drop off will give you ideas on what to change to improve conversions;
  • Customer segments – Thanks to the RFM Analysis software, you can now see which customers will bring the most value to your small or medium-sized business;
  • Automations – Manual data entry is long gone. In the modern world data entry is an automatic process that saves time and eliminates errors;
  • Social Media Engagement Insights – Helps you track how engaging your content is and gives tips on how to improve it.
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How does BI work?

There are three integral steps that any business intelligence and analytics software follow. Those are Data Collection, Data Manipulation and Data Visualisation.


Data Collection

This is the process where information and all the business data are collected through Integrations that you’ve previously connected your business with.

Data Manipulation

After the data is collected, information is transferred to the Data Warehouse. There, analytical processes such as Cohort Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Aggregation, Anomaly Detection, Forecasting and Data Science take place.


Data Visualization

This software as a service for Business Intelligence is key as it helps with the easier comprehension of the available information. You get organized reports with customizable graphics to correspond with your brand identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Business Intelligence tools for small businesses offer different functionalities, depending on their focus. There are, however, several key features you must always look for:

  • Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization software;
  • Predictive Analytics software;
  • Option to create reports;
    Option to customize your KPI Dashboards;
  • Data Security.

Yes, most BI tools offer this functionality. Using SageData’s software, for instance, you can access your data whenever you want, from any device you want and any place in the world you want. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Always read the terms & conditions. It may even be written on the company’s website.

SageData, for example, greatly values all of its clients’ data. We are HIPAA compliant, which helps make your data safe and secure. Furthermore, clients always keep 100% ownership of their data.

Predictive Analytics Software analyzes customers – specifically their behaviour and their most/least favourite products and services to identify real potential opportunities for your business. Predictive Analytics is a must for any business, regardless of its size, because it outlines possible outcomes that can make your business better.

Reports contain important information about your business that is distributed among managers or employees from all levels of the organization.

Therefore, it is important your reports are engaging, visualized, and easy to read. This helps to eliminate all possible misunderstandings, which are indirectly connected with the decision-making processes.

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