SageData’s KPIs and Best Practices

SageData’s KPIs and Best Practices

Common KPIs and Metrics

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a metric that helps you evaluate the performance of your business activities. Measure the success of your company by tracking operational and strategic goals on different performance aspects.

Gathering Data from Different sources and implementing strategy
How does a customer use a given feature? This can provide insight into what part of your product gives the most value or is a critical action in the customer journey.
Measure performance of the team and understand your business and market environment better.
Provide a look behind the scenes at how your businesses and your team interact with customers.

Track your financial results and performance, achieve business’ financial goals and objectives.

Run your campaigns and social media presence with clear direction and map to guide you.

Understand how effective or successful you have been at reaching your marketing targets.
Mirror organizational performance for HR and define relevant strategy to achieve your business goals.