Event Tracking Software

Event Tracking Software for Startups


Benefits of Having Event Tracking Software for your Business

Whether you are running a big company or managing a newly-developed startup, tracking your customers’ behavior is crucial. You can do that with the help of Event Tracking Software.

All business ideas are developed around the idea of bringing something of value to other people. This makes consumer behaviour a fundamental metric to any business regardless of its niche.

Event Tracking Software identifies visitor behaviour. While users interact with your digital product – they click on a button, open new pages, complete transactions and more. That is what we call event hits. Event Tracking Software tracks such event hits visitors make.

What benefits Event Tracking Software would bring to your business?

  • Real-time information on users’ actions on your software – be it an application, a website, etc., and time spent on it;
  • History of all recorded log entries and access to event data – character set encoding; user-defined metadata, non-interaction events, etc.;
  • Access to correlation searches that monitor for suspicious events and identify attack patterns;
  • Information on incidents – interruption of service;
  • Insight on how well your business operates;
  • Tips on what to improve to make users take the action you would like them to.

Get a Complete Business Intelligence Solution

For years SageData has been providing business intelligence solutions to big and small businesses and also startups. Our solutions are unique because they are always specifically tailored to our client’s needs regardless of their business’ niche. Business intelligence can be applied to many industries, including:

  • Public sector;
  • Administration;
  • Marketing & Sales;
  • Consulting;
  • Banking.

Our team of Data Engineers, Data Warehouse Architects, and Data and Marketing Analysts always works alongside your teams to help you build customized working Business Intelligence solutions. To give you the best possible experience, our specialists have provided you with over 140 Data Integrations at your disposal.

The more data we get, the more analyzed and ready-to-use information you receive. SageData also provides the opportunity to design your very own Data Warehouse. It doesn’t matter if it’s in-house, on Snowflake, or Redshift. Our software works perfectly fine with all of them.

Apart from that, trusting SageData gives you the opportunity to:

  • Get a fully managed customized Data Warehouse, developed by our experts;
  • Keep 100% ownership of your data;
  • Holistically understand your business through your data;
  • Understand how to improve conversion rates by granting you access to conversion funnels;
  • See how visitors engage with your social media content;
  • Insight on how to segment users and improve overall performance.
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How BI Software Works

Any well-developed Business Intelligence solution consists of three main components – Data Collection, Data Manipulation, and Data Visualisation. Here is what they do:


Data Collection

To complete this process, Data Integrations connect with your business platforms and extract all available information. It then goes straight to your personalized Data Warehouse. You can rely on our customized and fully managed Data Warehouse, or you can add your own.

Data Manipulation

Here, all information stored in the Data Warehouse gets analyzed. SageData offers numerous subprocesses that are part of the whole Data Manipulation process. Some of them are Anomaly Detection, Cohort Analysis, Forecasting, Machine learning, etc.


Data Visualization

At this final stage, you can transform your analyzed data into engaging visual reports. Using visual graphic elements, such as graphs, histograms, plots, etc., makes the information stand out, allowing employees to spot, highlight, and understand important information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tracking follows a very concrete path, from event creation to incident resolution. Usually, users create an event with the opening of the software. Some events, however, are considered suspicious, and they are categorized as ‘notable events’. All notable events form an episode. Event analysts go through all episodes to determine notable events’ value and to perform triage. Triage is a process that determines how to fix the episode.

Event tracking software eliminates the guesswork of how well your business works. While giving you clear and accurate information on users’ journeys on your business platforms, event tracking software helps you increase ROI, conversion rates, etc.

Yes! You can create easily readable visual reports, and you can also give your managers access to view all metrics on-site. While reports with engaging designs eliminate possibilities for misunderstandings, accessibility to real-time data allows faster yet informed decision-making.

Statistic metrics vary according to the business’ needs. However, some of the most important ones are:

  • The number of active and newly joined users;
  • Anonymous rate of submitted questions;
  • Engagement score of the event;
  • Time spent on a particular event;
    Total numbers of poll votes.

It may be difficult for a non-technical person to understand all of the information the software provides. Therefore, additional training or consultation sessions may be required so that your employees get a grasp on how to operate the software.

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