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Kirill Andriychuk from SageData

Our Vision

I have been Head of Business Intelligence for 10 years at 5 different conglomerates. Then I went into consulting, doing Interim Head of Data gigs at over 20 scale-ups. What have I learned? Data is the most valuable commodity a company has after its employees, of course.

Working closely with hundreds of founders, managers, and CEOs made me realize that successful leaders understand 3 important data concepts:

  1. It is never too early to start using data – time is a precious resource. I have seen companies of 10 scaling to 1 million by using data to drive their decisions.
  2. Get it right the first time – too often we were called to fix a data project that went nowhere after 6 months. Get the best experts to do the job for you.
  3. Automate – avoid Excel and copy-pasting data. Your time is far too valuable for it, and manually pasting data is prone to mistakes. 

Managing data does not have to cost a fortune and our proven experience with building SageData has proven that any company can have the best tools and practices to manage data and make smart decisions!

We want to build a platform that practically and efficiently solves the data challenges I struggled as a Data Leader. Without costing a fortune.

Kirill Andriychuk, co-founder of SageData

Delivering Actionable Insights


Insightful reports help all teams make intelligent and informed decisions.

Here at SageData, we focus on creating actionable data insights, rather than just giving you some numbers.

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Our team helped these companies make smart decision using data!

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SageData team

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What clients say about us

Our platform is uniquely adaptable to every business, whether you are Coca-Cola or a garage-based startup bootstrapping your way through.

We enable Data-Driven Teams

We believe that teams across the whole company need to understand the value of data-driven decisions.

Making decisions based on intuition is not always correct.

How to become data-driven in 10 easy steps

Often founders believe that it is too time-consuming and problematic to set up data-driven decision making.

That is not true. It takes only 10 steps and it can be one in as little as 2 weeks.

Establish Company Goals

Define key company goals for next 1-3 years. 

Clarify KPIs and Metrics

Break down company goals into KPIs and metrics. Avoid vanity metrics.

Create KPI Library

Document the KPI Definitions, so that everyone speaks the same data language.

Map to Data Sources

Map the KPIs to the correct data sources. Where will the data be coming from?

Define Data Granularity

Define the frequency and granularity of the data to ensure the most optimal balance between data freshness and business needs.

Define Dimensions

Set up important data dimensions to allow your team to do drill-downs and slice the data the way that makes sense to your business.

Combine Data

Combine the data from the data sources into your data warehouse.

Connect Data

Combine and connect the data so you have a single source of truth.

Transform Data

Add the formulas and calculations for your KPIs and Metrics to automate reporting.

Dashboards and Reports

Set up insightful reports with the needed drill-downs to enable self-service analytics for your teams.

eBook: How to Build a Buisness Intelligence system

Whether you are a data-driven founder, a data engineer, or a Head of Data, our latest eBook on “how to Build a Business Intelligence system” can help you make the best of your data.

Packed with blueprints and designs that will help you put together the right data infrastructure from the very beginning.

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