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This is the fastest we have gone from data to insightful reports. SageData team made it easy.

Gary Bright. Summer 2022.
COO at Bikmo
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Our marketing data analysts and business data analysts help companies with data analytics services.

We focus on creating actionable data insights.

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Our team helped these companies make smart decision using data!

Highly skilled data analyst team

SageData team

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What clients say about us

Our data engineers work with your team to help you make data-driven decisions.

We work with all departments

Our data analysts help all key departments become data-driven.

SageData Methodology

We are data experts! Our data analysts work with you on the right st of KPIs, setting up the right reports, and ensuring data accuracy!

We will be your first and last stop for solving your data problems.

Company Goals

Discovery session with your team on the goals/OKRs.

KPIs and Metrics

Session Company goals and OKRs into KPIs.

KPI Library

Documenting the KPI Definition – so everyone speaks the same data language.

Data Source Mapping

Mapping of the KPIs to the correct data sources.

Data Granularity

Defining the frequency and granularity of the data to ensure the most optimal balance between data freshness and business needs.


Data dimensions to allow your team to do drill-downs and slice the data as you see fit.

Set up Data Pipelines

Launching data integrations to get the first data flowing.

Connecting the Data

Determining the Data frequency and lineage.

Modeling your Data

Applying Data Modeling to extract the KPIs.

Dashboards and Reports

Report drafts and the first iteration of analytics.

Our Story

Long before I became a data guy, I was a breakfast cook in an upscale restaurant in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada. I remember the Chef telling me one day:

Kirill, people eat with their eyes!

Kirill A

Since those early days as a breakfast order cook I have worked with hundreds of founders, managers, and CEOs and I have learned how important presentation is in telling the right story. Many founders believe it is too early to focus on data and that they should invest in data only when they reach some obscure milestone, such as having 100 employees or reaching their first million in revenue. The truth is that it is never too early to invest in making smart decisions using data. Insightful and actionable reports can help you get from 10K to 1M much faster than making decisions based on intuition. Without the right data, it is just an opinion. And while having an opinion is important, what is more, important is having accurate data to back it up and the confidence knowing that you are on the right track heading for greatness!

Let our team of skilled data analysts help you with your data!

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