Finiata and SageData Case Study

SageData and Finiata - a case study

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About Finiata


Industry: Fintech

Finiata provides working capital financing for over 38 000 SMEs and freelancers through a flexible line of credit and factoring. Data is at the core of the decision-making process in the company while developing product offering.

  • Redshift
  • Airflow
  • Data Integrations
  • Tableau
Finiata Case Study challenge

The Challange


In the process of testing new hypotheses for the business and developing their product, Finiata was using project-specific data and facing a range of ad-hoc challenges. They had an issue on how to efficiently combine and represent sales and advertising data in flexible reports that could be used between departments for different purposes. In order to fulfill analytical tasks, Finiata needed reliable data warehouse, custom integrations and tracking tools. Designing data management processes required expertise such as analysts, developers and data architects that Finiata, when it was founded, did not have in-house. The company was in need of a flexible business intelligence solution to create data architecture for the business and support ad-hoc projects from a technical and analytical perspective.

  • ✗ data Lake and Warehouse – missing warehouse
  • ETLs (Extract, Transform, Load) – not existing ETLs practices, in order to take data from one system, transform it, and load it into the organization’s data warehouse
  •  data pipelines – lack of pipelines for automated transfer of data from one system to another
  • ✗ customer integrations and tracking tools  – to better understand customer journeys and anonymized behavior analytics, the team needed a robust event tool.
  • ✗  data quality – A best-of-breed technology approach coupled with the integration of acquisitions resulted in numerous data conventions and a need to manually replicate data across multiple databases, which contributed to the degradation of data quality.

The Solution


With SageData’s support Finiata was able to collect, store and analyse data from multiple sources efficiently.

 Redshift Data Warehouse was built and set to refresh daily.

 Data Warehouse was continuously updated by adding new metrics to accommodate changing business needs. 

 Data from CRM systems and Snowplow was combined in a funnel report that described customer journey from the page visit to registration and purchase.

✔ Ad-hoc reports created in as little as 2 hours using BI tools such as Tableau and Looker.

✔ Continuously updated Geckoboard 

 Event tracking tools were integrated to get the most detailed insights for Product and Marketing teams.

 Created custom reports that could be used across different teams within the business

 Custom integrations were built where no pre-defined solution existed.

✔ Attribution modelling set up to understand user journey in order to optimize the acquisition funnel.

 SageData analyst, dedicated to the Finiata team, was able to provide on-site support and help to understand how to use the reports for quality insights.


Our best work in Data Stories



KPIs and Metrics, North Star, Trends, Budgets and Forecasting, we do it all. SageData team helps you collect data, transform it and create insightful reports.


Marketing Attribution and Customer Journey Analytics. SageData team helps you collect data, transform it and create insightful reports.

Sales Dashboard


Sales reports can group the revenue by geography, product, customer segment. Great for companies who started to expand into new markets

Finance KPIs Dashboard


Finance metrics show overall health of the company and compare trends to the budgets and forecasts.

Results achieved for Finiata with SageData


SageData has offered a flexible service package, which prevented the company from hiring in-house specialist, saving the business €75 000 annually. Finiata was able to implement new business ideas with more knowledge by utilizing extensive SageData BI team experience in managing BI solutions. Significant part of analytical tasks were outsourced to SageData, allowing Finiatas BI team to save time in managing requests. Finiata increased their operational efficiency as a lot of data infrastructure and scalability issues were managed by SageData team. Thanks to well-structured reports, insights based on data could be shared throughout the business. Furthermore, access to event data helped Finiata to understand customer journey and optimize their ad spend.

“Working with SageData was a huge advantage and flexibility in comparison to having internal employees for the same functions. We were able to save resources for salaries and staff training because SageData had the full-stack BI expertise and awareness of our specific business needs.”

– Alexander Dubrovsky, Head of BI at Finiata –

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Training and Education

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