Business Intelligence for Education

Business Intelligence for Education


Benefits of Having Business Intelligence for Education for your Business

School headmasters and college deans are probably aware of the constant struggle they face in terms of understanding how to simultaneously run educational facilities as a business and provide the right resources students need. Fortunately, though, there is a way to meet all these demands and even expand other operational insights capable of improving academic performance. What you need is Business Intelligence in education – a necessity, a powerful tool that helps schools, universities, and colleges achieve better results and make overall positive changes.

Schools, colleges, and universities are often required to produce reports to stakeholders and other authorities. Having Business Intelligence tools in education helps with that, as they provide Data Visualization software. This software allows the creation of engaging reports consisting of many visual elements – tables, graphics, etc. This makes the reports easier to digest and eliminates any possibilities for misunderstandings.

There are many other benefits that Business Intelligence for the education sector provides. Some of them are:

  • Access to Education Dashboard Software that consists of your most important KPIs. You can create different dashboards for every department depending on their needs;
  • Assessment on individual and group (class) level performance by subject;
  • Monitoring on students attendance, discipline records, and incident reports;
  • Financial management – Manage the amount of money the school/college spends on extracurricular activities, resources, services, etc.
  • Analysis of the funds and costs by faculty – Money spent on resources and scholarships. Helps to establish a budget;
  • Tracking the amount of money spent on marketing campaigns and assessment of the results;
  • Tracking of teachers’ performance and popularity among students;
  • Data insights that lead to more informed decision-making processes.

Why a Complete Business Intelligence Solutions is Best

If you are in need of business intelligence for education, you can always rely on us. We will give you access to a variety of software that will help you develop a solution that is entirely customized and specifically tailored to your very own needs.
Our list of software includes Event Tracking software, RFM analysis software, KPI Dashboard software, Data Visualization software, and many more.

We have successfully gathered a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience behind their back. They have been trained to understand your business’ uniqueness – its goals, objectives, structures, employees – everything that will help them develop the right solution for you. Among our employees, you will find Data Warehouse Architects, Marketing Analysts, and Data Engineers.

Apart from access to software and guidance from our impeccable team, you also get:

  • Personalized Data Warehouse – You can rely entirely on our fully managed Data Warehouse or you can even add your own;
  • 140 Data Sources at your disposal – You connect your business to these sources and they pull out the most relevant data;
  • Conversion Funnels – They give you insight into where your potential customers usually drop off on the conversion funnel;
  • Customer Segmentation – Segment customers into different groups to run your business better;
  • Customizable KPIs – It is up to you to decide which KPIs are most important to your business.
  • Marketing attribution – Connect your CPC costs with conversions.
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How BI Software Works

Three stages are necessary in order to get a complete Business Intelligence Solution for your business.


Data Collection

During this process, information from all of your platforms gets pulled out by our Data Sources. It is then transferred to your Data Warehouse.

Data Manipulation

This is the stage where all analyses take place in the Data Warehouse – Anomaly Detection, Cohort Analysis, Forecasting, Data Aggregation, etc.


Data Visualization

This is where your analyzed data turns into engaging reports. There are plenty of visual elements you can choose from – scatter plots, diagrams, histograms, etc. – all of which are fully customizable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it would. Business Intelligence in higher education is just as efficient as primary and secondary education. Colleges and universities face the same obstacles as schools. Thus, they would benefit from education business intelligence as well.

Implementing Business Intelligence in education facilities enables access for administrators to reporting software, allowing them to meet reporting demands faster and more efficiently. It also allows decision-makers, planners, and teachers to make data-driven insightful decisions.

Yes, it would. It tracks student performance, satisfaction, retention, and subject preferences trends. That allows easier adjustments in the curriculum delivery strategy.

While Business Intelligence helps you run colleges and universities as a business, it also puts efforts into helping you create a better environment for your students that would undoubtedly increase their motivation and productivity levels.

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