Reports and Analytics

Powerful tools to analyse your data

Data driven decisions

The cloud based data analytics module is designed to give you the flexibility to connect to any Data Warehouse, whether it is provided by Sagedata or somewhere else.

Tell a story

Build powerful reports that give you actionable insights.

Save time

Our team ready to build you stunning and accurate reports based on our years of experience in data analytics.​

Focus on important

We take care of all infrastructure and scalability issues, so you can focus on growing your business.

Social Media Analytics

YouTube and Twitch

Engage With Content

See how followers interact with your content with KPIs such as video watch time, likes, posts, comments.

Monitor Multiple Channels

Combine content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and many more channels into one easy report.​

Influencer Monitoring 

Daily snapshot of likes and content engagement shows trends over time across hundreds of pages.

Marketing Insights

Conversion Funnel

See where you lose most of the customers along the conversion funnel and optimise it.

CLV/LTV Prediction

Understand the overall value of a customer from the early behaviour analysis.​

Marketing Spend ROI

Model spend from each of your Marketing channels against the revenue from Cohorts to see where your most valuable customers come from.

Custom BI solutions

Our experienced team offers custom technology solutions to suit your business. Whether you need to build a new Data Warehouse, integrate a data source or optimise a data transformation process - we are here to help.

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