School Data Analysis Software

School data analysis software


Benefits of Having School Data Analysis Software for your Business

If you are the headmaster of a school, you probably understand the need to track every student’s performance and all of your finances, costs, and revenues. That information can help you make thoughtful, reasonable decisions in terms of management. All of that is achievable with the help of school data analysis software that supports standards-based learning (SBL). It helps you guide students to choose their future careers as the software shows you how they excel in school.

What any school data analysis software does is uncover correlations, patterns, solutions to different problems, and so on. When it comes to guiding students to their path to success, a good school data analysis software provides access to different analytics tools.

Those tools help to determine what is happening, what may happen at some other point, and what the potential solutions to future outcomes are. Such tools are:

  • Descriptive Analytics;
  • Diagnostic Analytics;
  • Predictive Analytics;
  • Prescriptive Analytics;

To interpret important data efficiently, you need a powerful Data Visualisation tool. Thankfully as a part of our complete Business Intelligence Solutions, you get access to your very own Data Visualisation software that helps you create easy-to-understand charts, graphs, tables, images, etc.

Good school data analysis software gives you access to:

  • Information on all financial aspects – costs, revenues, scholarships etc.
  • Statistical models – They help you create a personalized education experience for every student.
  • Dropout rates – Predict which students may drop out thanks to the predictive analytics software. That software gives you an understanding of a student’s performance and attendance habits.
  • Dashboards for every level in the organization – Teachers, IT/Data staff, Admins, etc.
  • A place where all of your data is collected – In the case of BI – a Data Warehouse.
  • Possibility to analyze individual learning targets, or the entire course – Option to create reports for individual targets or the entire class.

Why a Complete Business Intelligence Solutions is Best

The education industry needs software that would help in managing standards-based learning (SBL). SageData’s complete business intelligence solutions will answer perfectly to those needs. With a team of professionals – Data Warehouse Architects, Market Analysts, Data Engineers, etc. – SageData helps startups and established organizations develop relevant, yet unique business solutions.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the field. For all this time, they have gained the knowledge and experience needed to create customizable solutions that would answer most industries’ needs, including education. Some other industries that could benefit from have SageData’s BI solutions are:

  • Retail;
  • Health and Pharmaceutical;
  • Energy;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Insurance;
  • Ecommerce;
  • Consulting.

To answer all of your business needs, our team always integrates several key points into their solutions. Your business’ industry, its structure and objectives, number of employees, and your conversion rates are just a few of them. When a solution is being created, you get access to Data Integrations you can connect your business to. Your data is combined and then transferred to your personalized Data Warehouse. You can rely on the one created and fully managed by our team, or you can even add your own if you have any.

Apart from these crucial benefits, what you also get is:

  • Customizable KPIs – Managers can choose which KPIs are of great importance for achieving their objectives and track them in real-time whenever they want;
  • Customer Segmentation – Access to our RFM software that helps segment users for better overall business performance;
  • Automation – You don’t have to manually enter data. Leave this to us as automation also eliminates the possibility of data entry errors.
  • Option to connect your social media accounts – Helps you see how engaging your content is;
  • Variety of software at your disposal – Predictive Analytics Software, Management Reporting Software, KPI Dashboard Software, Anomaly Detection Software, Data Visualisation Software, etc.
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How BI Software Works

Before a report of all crucial for your business information is created, your data goes through three stages – Data Collection and development of a Data Warehouse, Data Manipulation, and Data Visualisation. Each stage fulfils a specific purpose:


Data Collection

At this stage, your digital platforms are connected to our Data Sources. It then transfers all of the information to your customized Data Warehouse.

Data Manipulation

Your data is in the Data Warehouse, and that’s where all analyses, like Data Aggregation, Anomaly Detection, Forecasting, etc., take place.


Data Visualization

During this stage, you can create understandable, visually pleasing reports with designs corresponding with your brand identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

KPIs are entirely customizable to answer the industry needs. Some of the top KPIs that are important to most schools are students’:

  • Performance;
  • Attendance;
  • Demographics;
  • Discipline;
  • Grades;
  • Assessment results.

Dashboards are crucial for tracking KPIs. Therefore, SageData grants access to your dashboard at any time, from any point in the world. You can also track your KPIs on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

School data analysis software gives you insight into what works best in most situations with most students. It pinpoints patterns, trends, differences, ranks, etc., making it easier for the school board to make informed data-driven decisions on all crucial matters.

We understand that school data is a sensitive matter, and we take it very seriously. Therefore, you keep 100% ownership of your data. To ensure that your data is secure and protected at all times, we are HIPAA compliant. As such, we have integrated additional procedures to handle and protect even the most sensitive data.

Test the Complete SageData Experience for Free Now!
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Solve your Data Analytics problems today!
Reach out to SageData team for a FREE consultation.
Solve your Data Analytics problems today!
Reach out to SageData team for a FREE consultation.

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