SageData streams your Data from Responsys into your Data Warehouse

SageData is a data integration platform that enables you to combine data from multiple sources and formats into a single source.

SET UP by SageData Analysts for you

Connect your Responsys account to a cloud data warehouse of your choice in under 8 minutes. In this video we connect to Googles BigQuery

Analyze your Responsys data.

Ingest the Responsys data into your data warehouse in minutes with few easy steps and start analysing, aggregating and combining your data.

Data Integration.

SageData offers a powerful, flexible, and intuitive approach to data integration for non-technical users.

Data Analysis.

SageData enables companies to leverage their data in real-time, providing rich visualizations and analysis.

Automate your data integration

Learn more about integration and managing your Responsys data

There are many tools out there that help you integrate your Responsys data. What sets SageData apart is our complete BI platform that gives you all the tools not only to ETL / ELT the Responsys data into your Data Warehouse, but to aggregate, combine and visualise it with the complete flexibility of an enterprise BI platfrom.

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Add your Responsys data to your Data Warehouse

Choose where you want your Responsys Data
SageData Data Store
Amazon Redshift
On premise Data Warehouse
Any custom data repository

What sets SageData apart

SageData is a simple to use yet powerful Business Intelligence platform designed with the modern startups in mind who need a full BI Platforms without spending a fortune. SageData is built with the most valued best practices in mind to help you store and manage your data with ease. Our team of experienced Data Analysts can also assist you in managing your data so you can have the peace of mind that your data is reliable to make the best decision for your business.

SageData gives you the tools to:

- Combine your data from external and internal sources

- Clean up, model and aggregate your data

- Visualize your data

- Monitor your data for accuracy

- Check data for Anomalies

- Forecast your data

Get your Responsys data in your Data Warehouse in minutes

It takes a few clicks to get your HubSpot data flowing or contact our team to do it for you.

Set up in minutes | Unlimitd data volume during trial | 140+ data sources to choose from

Solve your Data Analytics problems today!
Reach out to SageData team for a FREE consultation.
Solve your Data Analytics problems today!
Reach out to SageData team for a FREE consultation.

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