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“We moved to the SageData team from another data platform because we had spent over 6 months with the first team trying to combine all of our data and we got nowhere! After we started with the SageData team we had most reports running and automated in 2 weeks“ - Chris A

Patricia J.

“Our deliberation on the right Data Platform took quite some time and after we made the call to go with SageData, we realized that we should have done it sooner! We would have made a lot more right decisions had we had the insights we have now!” - Gary B.

Daniel W.

"The new reports created by the SageData team are very insightful and useful. The team has helped us with everything from choosing the right KPIs and Metrics to designing our Data Pipeline to ensure our data is always up-to-date and accurate. Makes our whole team look like Superstars.” Alejandro A.

Sharon R.

This is the fastest we have gone from data to insightful reports. SageData team made it easy.

Gary Bright
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Accurate and Fast Data Insights

SageData team can have insightful reports running for your business within hours. We can integrate external platforms, combine your data and create accurate reports faster than anyone else.

Expert Team

Our team has years of experience in Reporting, Attribution Modeling, Data Visualization, Data Warehouse design, Event tracking, and many KPIs and Metrics to grow your business.

All things Data

We work on-site and off-site to offer you and your stakeholders flexibility and value. We spend the time to understand your challenge and offer you the best solution based on our extensive experience.

Affordable Rates

We work with many startups and we do not believe that companies must spend a fortune to have good data. We focus on pragmatic, value-based solutions that help you fix data problems today.

Range of Subjects

From e-commerce to e-sports, we have worked with hundreds of teams. From subscriptions models to insurance businesses, we know the right KPIs and Metrics that you need to grow your business FAST.

Only The Best Data Experts

Here at SageData we handpick only the best qualified, expert, and friendly Data Analysts to help us deliver excellence.
We are experts in: Data Warehouse design | KPIs, and Metrics | Data Visualization | Board Packs | Reports for Investors

kirill andriychuk

Kirill A.

Head of Business Intelligence. KPIs and Metrics, Data Strategy, Tracking, Data Warehouse Design.

Kasia G.

Data Visualization and Reporting. Best practices in Data Presentation. Attribution Modeling and Board Packs.

Dobrin S.

Data Integrations and Data Modeling. Reporting and charting data for operational and management teams.

Alexandra Ivanova

Alex V.

A passionate learner and devoted data analyst. Alexandria focuses on delivering great insights through her work in Tableau.

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Solve your Data Analytics problems today!
Reach out to SageData team for a FREE consultation.

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