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SageData platform enables data people to collect, combine and visualize the data from any data source. Don't have your own Data Team? Don't worry. We are here to help. Management KPIs, Marketing Attribution, eHealth data, Cohort Analysis, Subscription business, eCommerce are just some of the areas we are very good at.

Marketing Attribution Report
flexible for any business

Discover important Insights

Are you spending money to drive traffic from multiple platforms and would like to know what channel brings you the best customers? SageData team will create completely customized Marketing reports to reflect the uniqueness of your Marketing efforts. Best data visualization practices will give you an edge and turn you into a Marketing Genius.

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Focus on the right KPIs

We start by talking to you about your data goals and recommend the KPIs to achieve them. SageData has created reports for clients across a diverse portfolio of industries, such as eHealth, eSports, eCommerce, FinTech and many more. We know some of the best KPIs and Metrics for your industry and we can share our knowledge with you!

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Customer Segmentation

Drill down to gain actionable insights

SageData's extensive data modeling tools go long ways towards supercharging your marketing arsenal. Explore with limitless visual analytics. Build dashboards, perform ad hoc analyses and drill-down to get the true insights.

How we help

Do you need a robust Marketing Data platform, built with intelligence for humans?

SageData turns the complicated process of collecting and analyzing Marketing Data into a seamless, intuitive experience. Eliminate the confusion and save months of effort with the right tools, right team and right Marketing KPIs.

Custom Integrations

Whatever data sources matter to you, SageData will pull information from them without batting an eye. Our custom integrations support makes setting up a breeze!

Data Modeling

SageData offers some of the best data modeling tools around. Combine, aggregate, filter, clean, slice, and automate data modeling tasks like a pro!

Smart dashboard

Fancy a well-done chart? SageData has them all, in every conceivable shape and color. Because facts and numbers are great, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Data Aggregation

Seamlessly aggregate your data sources into a stockpile of information to draw from when the time comes to either commit or step back.


Future is always unpredictable, but we make it less so with your intelligent Forecasting algorithms that help you forecast any time-series data well into the future.


Our experienced team of Data Analysts and Data Engineers is always there to help and guide you with advice or hands-on assitance.

This is the fastest we have gone from data to insightful reports. SageData team made it easy.

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Connect and sync

Easily integrate with your most important apps

SageData offers tight integration with the most relevant e-commerce and advertising platforms that the internet has to offer. Amazon, Shopify, Google, Facebook, doesn't matter - if people know it, we connect to it.

Showcase: My Best Marketing Reports

Marketing KPIs and metrics

Do you ever wonder "What are some of the Marketing KPIs I should be looking at every day?" or "How to create a good marketing dashboard that will show me the current state of my marketing activities?" I would like to answer some of those questions and walk you through one of my favourite marketing reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? You're not the only one. See how we have answered the most common questions!​

Our team has a lot of experience putting together Marketing Attribution, Cohort Analysis, RFM Segmentation, CLV/LTV, ROI % on Marketing spend and many more Marketing reports that help marketing teams get better insights.

Of course! We focus on creating the insights that are as unique as your business. Once we define the requirements with you, our team can turn around the first draft ususally within 24 hours.

We help Marketing teams with Data Governance and Master Data Management processes. Our Marketing Analysts will work with you to create KPI Library, to define the right KPI Metrics and to ensure that you have transparent and understandable formulas and definitions.

We have a team of talented Data engineers with extensive experience in Marketing Data. Our team will help you combine, clean and validate your Marketing Data, before it is used in Marketing reports to ensure that your data is always accurate.

We have a list of over 100 integrations that we work with to combine and aggregate your data. In addition to that, we regularly create custom integrations for any Marketing team to make sure that ALL of your Marketing data is available to you at your fingertips.

We store your data in an encrypted state, before we load it into our Data Warehouse. More than that, access to our platform is completely firewalled with ability to connect to it only from authorised and approved environments to ensure that no outside party can even attempt to access your data.

Our team of Data Engineers, API Integrators, Data Analysts as well as experienced Head of Data practitioners are always available to jump on a call with you to help you make the right decision regarding your data and fix whatever issues are holding you back. Call us today to get the SageData Experience.

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Our affordable pricing allows any team to have the best-in-class Marketing analytics without spending a fortune.

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SageData is made by living beings that are incredibly passionate about what they do.

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