Integrated Analytics Platform

Integrated Analytics Platform

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Benefits of Having an Integrated Analytics Platform for your Business

Every business, no matter how small or big, and every startup needs an Integrated Analytics Platform. It gives managers the right solutions and ideas on how to run their businesses better.

It also provides integrated solutions developed with the help of other analytics, performance, management software, and other business intelligence tools. Integrated Analytics Platforms’ focal objective is giving managers, CEOs, and team leaders an accurate representation of their business data.

Using an Integrated Analytics Platform for your business is hugely beneficial as it helps you:

  • Make informed decisions based on your business data;
  • Drive new revenue for your business;
  • Synthesize the data insight into new products and apps – with the help of embedded analytics;
  • Integrate workflows with your real-time data;
  • Share data and KPIs with all employees to help them prioritize their work and create a positive work environment.

Integrated Analytics Platforms can help motivate employees to do their job better in most departments in your organization by providing them with insightful data.

Which departments will make the most out of Integrated Analytics? While it would optimize processes on all levels, some sectors can get even more from using Integrated Analytics Platform:

  • Sales Departments – Data can be collected from customers across multiple channels. That provides employees with analyzed information they can use to improve their productivity and overall performance.
  • HR Departments – Recruiters and employees in HR departments use Integrated Analytics Platforms to take charge of all data, related to company surveys, benefits statistics, etc.
  • Marketing Departments – What better way to create working marketing strategies than to use Integrated Analytics Platforms that give employees insight into crucial KPIs?
  • Business executives – Integrated Analytics Platforms are used among executives as ways to boost creativity, productivity, performance and reduce excess costs.

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Why Choose a Complete Business Intelligence Solution

In its essence, any Integrated Analytics Platform provides business intelligence solutions. SageData is the perfect example of providing end-to-end solutions to businesses. There are many benefits of developing a customized and personalized business intelligence solution. Relying on SageData to do that for your business, you get access to:

  • Variety of software – Having different software at your disposal is the key to getting your data correctly analyzed. Data Visualization software, Predictive Analytics software, Event Tracking software, KPI Dashboard software, and Management Reporting software are just some examples.
  • Conversion Funnels – This feature provides your employees with the information where exactly on the funnel most customers drop off.
  • Marketing Attribution – Allows you to connect your CPC cost with conversions.
  • Customer Segmentation – As a part of all available software, you also get RFM analysis software that creates custom segments of people.
  • Customizable KPIs – Choose which KPIs are most important to your business niche.
  • 140 Data Integrations – They pull out all necessary data for your business and transfer it to your personalized Data Warehouse.

Another crucial benefit is the development of a Data Warehouse where all of your information is stored and where analysis takes place. To make it customizable and developed to answer the needs of your business entirely, our team of experts always takes into consideration the information of your own business that you have provided – industry, niche, structure, objectives, conversion rates, etc.

This makes our solutions flexible and applicable to many business industries. Such industries are:

  • Banking;
  • Finance;
  • Travel;
  • Media;
  • Marketing & Sales
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How BI Software Works

Three are the stages that are present and needed for every Business Intelligence Solutions:


Data Collection

This process starts when you connect your platforms with our Data Sources. All of the collected information is transferred to a personalized Data Warehouse.

Data Manipulation

After your data is already in the Data Warehouse, the analysis process begins. To create the best solutions, different subprocesses take place. Such processes are Cohort Analysis, Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, etc.


Data Visualization

Gives you access to graphs, tables, and other visual elements that help you create engaging yet easily digestible reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated Analytics Platforms provide you with accurate data that shows how well you are running your business. Based on that data, your teams can make thoughtful, informed decisions on important topics that would help your business grow.

Integrated Analytics Platforms provide you with up-to-the-minute data in real time. You can access your data whenever you like on multiple devices – phones, tablets, computers, etc. To give you accurate and reliable information, data is being updated constantly.

Yes, you can share KPIs, other data, and reports with whoever you want. Every team member you have given access to can see your dashboard and all available information. Keep in mind that you can create different dashboards for all different levels in your organization.

SageData can do it for you. Automated data entry saves you time and also eliminates possibilities for mistakes made by manual data entry.

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