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Need a Business Intelligence Solution? We have a platform for that.

Data Warehouse, Data Modeling, Integrations, Data Science, ML, Git, Reporting, Live Event Tracking on  pay-per-use cloud platform.

We also encrypt your data.

Fully managed Data Warehouse
Fully managed Snowflake, Postgres or Redshift data warehouse at fraction of the cost. Integrated ETL/ELT module to run your custom SQL on time.

Tie All Your BI Tech Together
Toggling between platforms is a waste of energy. Let our integrations simplify your data in a big way. We bring all your data together, validate and visualize it.

Custom Reports for Actionable Insights
Let your data analysts focus on analysing your data and leave the infrastructure, scaling and maintenance to us. 

Get help when you need it
Get a grip on what's urgent vs. what's most important. From getting data, to deploying ML models to designing a report - we can do it all!


Unify your team around a single BI platform and don't let a single data, insight, or opportunity slip through the cracks. With customizable reports and cloud-based tech, we can deliver you fully managed BI solution that is tailored uniquely to your business. 

We also encrypt your data.


Choose from a robust library of integrations that enable you to gather your data from multiple sources. Our pay-per-use solution gives you Data Warehouse, ETL/ELT and Reporting tools at fraction of the cost. We're dedicated to building you the best BI toolbox in the business. 


Our powerful event tracking pipeline gives you the flexibility to send custom events from your app or website and see the data in your reports in as little as a few minutes.


We provide you with powerful and scalable Data Warehouse, ETL instance and a reporting suite, so you can run data modelings SQL scripts on your data and create stunning data visualizations.


With our unique pay-per-use billing model, you can start with the basic Data Warehousing setup for a fraction of the cost of in-house solution.

Cloud-Based Technology

As a cloud-based platform, all of your data is backed up. Don't worry about infrastructure, scalability or stability.

Customizable Reports

We provide you with data visualisation tool to build your own reports and can help you create custom analysis that suits your business.  

More Integrations

Our proven data integrations collect your data from Facebook and AdWords campaigns as well as social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and more.

Getting on board has never been so simple:


Schedule an intro call to help us understand what is important to you.


Give our systems access to your anonymized data.



Review the results and give us feedback.

"In a high growth industry like esports, the BI platform has scaled with us, providing critical data and valuable insights fueling Fnatic's expansion."

Wouter Sleijffers | ex-CEO Fnatic

Want to see the platform in action?


Track events in your app or website and see the events in your Data Warehouse in as little as 10 minutes. Our analysts can help you design insightful reports on your.


Hosted Data Warehouse solution for those who want Analytics without the need to maintain infrastructure. Managed, so you can focus on your business.

Tracking Management Tool Visualise your tracking events as you create them by uploading an image of a page where tracking is needed and create accurate and validated tracking events with few clicks.

Anomaly Detection

Monitor your timeseries data and receive notifications when anomalies or sudden spikes/declines are observed in your data stream.


Execute SQL code against your Data Warehouse on schedule without worrying about infrastructure. Model your data to fit your business KPIs.

Data Validation

Powerful tool to ensure accuracy and timeliness of your data. Receive notification when we spot duplications in your data or missing data in some days.


Get your data from Facebook, Google, Hubspot and many other platforms and deliver it right into your Data Warehouse, regardless if it is hosted by us or by you.


Hosted data visualisation and analysis tool that connects to your data warehouse and allows you to explore your data and build reports.