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Benefits of Having Business Dashboard Software for your Business

Business Dashboard Software is an irreplaceable tool for any business owner or manager. It helps the collection, organization, and visualization of all crucial metrics.

A good feature of any business dashboard software is the quick overview of all data – real-time or historical. It accelerates the decision-making process. Forecasting and performance tracking are always available regardless of your location or your device. Furthermore, dashboards can be easily customized and broken down according to their role – strategic, operational, informational, or analytical.

Depending on your business, you can customize your KPIs. However, some of the most common KPIs applicable to most businesses are sales, production time, employee performance, and marketing performance. Overall, Business Dashboard Software gives you the ability to identify negative trends, measure and correct inefficiencies, and last but not least clear out any misunderstandings to alleviate the decision-making process.

To sum it up, getting Business Dashboard Software gives you:

  • Insight on how your business operates on all levels;
  • Access to real-time and historical data;
  • Live dashboards that can be visible to your employees;
  • Data connectivity and data management.

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Why a Complete Business Intelligence Solution is Best

SageData has gathered a team full of impeccable specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the field. During this time, they have learned the ins and outs of the business intelligence world. Market Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Warehouse Architects all work together to help you develop a relevant and unique business intelligence solution. When customizable solutions are being developed, several key points are considered. The company’s structure, objectives, conversion rates, number of employees are just a few of them.

Getting the complete SageData experience brings many benefits to your business. To begin with, you get 140 Data Integrations at your disposal. They can seamlessly combine all of your data sources into your Data Warehouse. Speaking of Warehouses, you can rely on our professionally developed one, or you can add your own – it is up to you. No matter what you choose, you keep 100% ownership of your data. Also, keep in mind that SageData is HIPAA compliant. As such, it has integrated additional procedures to handle even the most sensitive data and keep it secure. Apart from all of these key benefits, you also get:

  • Automation – Helps you avoid errors from manual data entry;
  • Conversion Funnels – Show you where users drop off and give you tips on what to improve to scale up;
  • Customer Segmentation – Use RFM or any other custom model to segment users;
  • Customizable KPIs – Choose which KPIs are relevant to your business and customize your dashboard.

Our Business Dashboard Software is an integral part of our complete Business Intelligence Solutions. Considering that our services can be highly customizable, they can cover the needs of many industries. Such industries are:

  • Health and Pharmaceutical;
  • Marketing and Sales;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Consulting;
  • Energy;
  • Education.

How BI Software Works


Data Collection

During this process, a connection between your digital platforms and all of our available Data Sources is established. This is the link that transfers all of your information to your personalized Data Warehouse.

Data Manipulation

All analyses processes take place in the Data Warehouse. To provide you with relevant data for your business, our experts run different processes – Cohort Analysis,


Data Visualization

It helps you create engaging reports for your employees. You can choose from a variety of graphic elements – pie charts, scatter plots, histograms, etc. and  you can customize their colors and designs to correspond with your brand identity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Performance Indicator or KPI is a metric used to track the company’s overall progress. KPIs may vary according to the business’ needs. However, their most important purpose is to help business managers make smart, informed, and confident decisions.

Business dashboard software is an essential asset that can help any business, no matter its niche. The ability to create a customizable dashboard that is specifically tailored to your needs makes business dashboard software a definite must for every business owner, manager, or CEO.

By alleviating the decision-making process, business dashboard software saves your company time. Without dashboards, your employees would have to manually compile and analyze data. Manual data entry increases the possibilities for human errors. Business dashboard software does all of this automatically, providing you with correctly analyzed data.

Yes, you can. SageData’s data visualization software comes as an addition to your business dashboard software. You can make use of all of its features to create engaging and easy-to-read reports. You can get access to a wide variety of visual elements, all of which can be customized to correspond with your brand identity.