AJ&Smart and SageData Case Study

AJ&Smart and SageData Case Study

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AJ&Smart Case study

About AJ&Smart


Industry: Online Education

AJ&Smart specializes in selling product design classes online and creating digital products for businesses around the world. This fast-growing company needs to rely on data to drive their business decisions and facilitate further growth.


  • Redshift
  • Snowplow Event Pipeline
  • Integrations
  • Metabase
  • Airflow
Finiata Case Study challenge

The Challenge


In the beginning, AJ&Smart was using sales, advertising, and revenue data from a range of channels to understand the impact of their advertising on sales. 

✗ a multitude of advertising systems – most of the data resided in various systems, such as Google, Facebook, and payment processors. Jumping between these interfaces to get insight into business and marketing performance was a time-consuming process. 

✗ data is heterogeneous – Data downloaded from different platforms was dissimilar and required excessive resources to combine it and prepare reports that could be used across the teams in the business.

  • ✗ time-consuming – high amount of manual transfer of data, as well as comparing sources and trying to find news/most accurate data source

 AJ&Smart needed a business intelligence solution that would bring all of their data together, clean it up, and merge it to create insightful reports. Ideally in real-time. However, this would require extensive BI infrastructure (API integrations, ETL service, Data Warehouse, Reporting) as well as the support of a full-scale BI team with a BI Manager, Data Analyst, and Data Warehouse Engineer. At the most conservative estimates, the investment would have been over €150 000/year in infrastructure, consultants, and data specialists, plus it would require about 2-4 months for development.


The Solution


First and main task for SageData was to align clarify and align all important metrics and KPIs, which were crucial to understanding and driving AJ&Smart’s business and their position in the market environment.

  1. SageData data engineers have combined all the data and connected it together
  2. We deployed a dedicated DWH (data warehouse) with proper Data Architecture, with automated data management pipelines
  3. SageData analysts then added transformations to calculate the KPIs and Metrics important to the management and teams.
  4. Our platform was deployed not only to combine and transform data, but also to monitor data accuracy and detect anomalies in the data.

SageData deployed an intelligent BI platform for AJ&Smart by rolling out the best tools for data management, part of SageData’s platform.  

Furthermore, we have created unified monthly and weekly reports, which were updated and refreshed multiple times a day. This allowed each time to create a clear view of their business and their goals. Each department received distinctive dashboards, focusing on their unique activities and needs.

Our best work in Data Stories



KPIs and Metrics, North Star, Trends, Budgets and Forecasting, we do it all. SageData team helps you collect data, transform it and create insightful reports.


Marketing Attribution and Customer Journey Analytics. SageData team helps you collect data, transform it and create insightful reports.

Sales Dashboard


Sales reports can group the revenue by geography, product, customer segment. Great for companies who started to expand into new markets

Finance KPIs Dashboard


Finance metrics show overall health of the company and compare trends to the budgets and forecasts.

Results achieved for AJ&Smart with SageData


Within a few weeks, AJ&Smart had a full scale BI solution analysing their data, monitoring for anomalies and delivering actionable reports that enabled the company to better understand the traffic sources and optimise their advertising investment. Additionally, the value of promotional and marketing campaigns was better understood. Product teams were able to examine how visitors interacted with digital product and further fine tune the offering to match customer preferences.

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How we achieve excellence


Aligning the KPIs

We spend time with you and your stakeholders in order to understand what is important to you and how you look at your business. We ensure that everyone speaks the same data-language by consolidating KPIs, their definition and formulas.

Data Source Mapping

We deconstruct your KPIs into the relevant data components and link them back to the data sources.

Data Granularity

We establisht he data granularity so you always have the lowest level of drill down available to your teams.

Data Architecture

Our engineers work with your Data Teams to establish the best data engineering practices and create an architecture that will be easy to maintain and scale.

Transforming the Data

The Data Analysts in SageData team will set up data modeling processes that will efficiently transform and aggregate your data.

Data Accuracy

Our team will seet up the tests and checks to validate the data before your reports are updated so you have complete trust that your analytics are always accurate.

Training and Education

We train your teams on the best data practices and methodologies to ensure that our collective knowledge is used to support your business in the future.

Self-Service Analytics

Our goal is to ensure that your teams are well-equipped to analyse the data and get the needed insights will into the future.

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