Business Intelligence for HR

Business Intelligence for HR

Customer Segmentation

HRs and recruiters have long realized the need for software that helps them elevate employee engagement and experience. That makes HR and Business Intelligence two terms that go surprisingly well together. Business Intelligence optimizes decision-making processes and overall company performance. But how does Business Intelligence intertwine with HR teams, and how does it adapt to their needs?

For what purposes Business Intelligence for HR would be useful for your business?

What HRs really need is to better understand their company’s workforce – how do employees perform individually or in teams, which processes work best, and which are falling behind? HR professionals can track all of that with the help of Business Intelligence for HR.

Getting access to all aspects of workforce performance is what makes Business Intelligence so attractive for companies, their CEOs, and HR teams. It allows them to keep track of processes like talent acquisition, talent development, employee retention in the organization, and their success rates. All of this data alleviates the report-making processes HRs are obliged to go through annually, and even monthly.

How can Business Intelligence for HR help you improve overall business performance?

Some other benefits of HR Business Intelligence include:

  • Real-time access to all important KPIs – You can track your at all times from different devices;
  • Improved decision-making processes based on data and facts, not guesswork;
  • Opportunity to create visually appealing graphs, scatter plots, and other visual and graphic elements – They make the information understandable to all employees;
  • Understanding of the important qualities high-performers possess and improvement of the recruitment processes.

Business Intelligence Solutions from SageData

If you are looking for business intelligence for HR, you are in the right place. SageData offers to its clients solutions that are 100% tailored to their business needs and objectives.

Area of expertise

Our team consists of Data Warehouse Architects, Marketing Analysts, Data Engineers, etc. Each and every team member has valuable knowledge and expertise in Business Intelligence. And we believe that they are the key that helps us deliver accurate and working solutions for every single one of our clients.

SageData’s most crucial benefits

As a part of our solutions, you will get access to a variety of software that will help every HR team. Our list of software includes RFM analysis software, KPI Dashboard software, Data Visualization software, Event Tracking software, etc. What’s more, in order to help pull out the most valuable of all of your data, SageData gives you access to Data Sources.

And to make things even more personalized, our team will develop a Data Warehouse specially tailored to your company’s needs. That, however, does not mean that you won’t be able to add up your own data repository if you have any. You are free to do whatever suits you best.

What other tools do you get access to?

The list of benefits does not end here, as there are many more you can take advantage of:

  • Customizable KPIs – They help you establish reachable business goals and give you profound information on how well your business is doing;
  • Customer Segmentation – Access to customer segments may be the game-changer your business needs in order to thrive;
  • Recruiting Funnels – Insight into what stages of the selection process are most effective for talent evaluation;
  • Social Media Engagement – Helps you understand how engaging your content is to your social media followers;
  • Automations – They do the data entry for you, which eliminates the possibility for manual data entry errors;
  • 100% ownership of your data – You will always be the only owner of your data. Our job is to make the data digestible and understandable to you and your employees.
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How BI Software works

Three stages are necessary in order to get a complete Business Intelligence Solution for your business.


Data Collection

At this initial stage, information from all of your connected platforms is gathered and transferred to the Data Warehouse.

Data Manipulation

Once that is there, analyses begin. This stage consists of many subprocesses like Cohort Analysis, Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, etc.


Data Visualization

At this final stage, your analyzed data is ready to be turned into an easy-to-understand report. You can choose from a variety of visual elements to help you make the data more engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

100%. Such an analytics tool will give you insight into how well your money is spent – which department takes most money, is it efficient to spend money on different things, what is the usual cost per hire for an employee in the company, etc. All this insight will tell you whether resources are paying off and help you make informed, data-driven decisions about how to spend your finances.

Yes, you can. Your visually pleasing reports can be shared with team managers and all employees. That makes the need for engaging yet easily understandable reports high. Thankfully Business Intelligence for HR is here to help you.

You get access to a KPI Dashboard that is 100% customizable. However, some of the most common KPIs include:

  • Performance of new hires;
  • Employee satisfaction index;
  • Employee engagement index;
  • Cost per hire;
  • Effectiveness of training;
  • Technical vs Non-Technical Employees’ Turnover Rate;
  • Return on investment.

You can grant access to however many people you would like, including some of other teams.

Yes, predictive analytics is one of the many software Business Intelligence provides for more accurate and reliable solutions.

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