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Why should your business use analytics in finance?

With finance analytics, business owners get differing perspectives on the financial data of their business. This data helps them make critical or strategic decisions about business operations.

Financial analysis is the process of evaluating company financial data, preparing financial statements, and providing recommendations that help senior managers and CEOs make informed decisions that create, encourage, and maintain value.

A business can quickly accumulate huge amounts of financial and accounting information. However, nowadays, every business has to have in mind the advanced technologies and numerous digital data sources that also accumulate a ton of data.

Based on all of this information and information about company financial transactions in the past, finance analytics can find patterns and help understand them.

Finance analytics help improve the overall performance of the business because they affect all aspects, like:

  • calculating profit;
  • enabling business forecasting;
  • developing long term company goals;
  • finding potential investment projects;
  • finding potential investment firms;
  • assessing economic trends;
  • formulating financial policy.

It helps a business to:

  • predict business performance;
  • improve work process;
  • better guide the decision-making process.

How can SageData’s finance analytics power help your business thrive?

Analytics in finance requires collection of vast volumes of data from diverse sources and an accurate understanding of this data. The process can determine whether a business is profitable and whether the cash flow is distributed correctly between assets and liabilities.

With SageData you obtain a fully developed finance analytics service that pulls and analyzes all your data from over 100 different sources. In fact, the more sources you connect with, the more data we can collect and analyze. Our team of professionals has more than 20 years of experience. They will help you organize data and create visually pleasing reports that are easy to comprehend. All of your information is stored in your very own fully managed customized Data Warehouse.

Detailed reports with real-time or past time information can help make an accurate forecast about market trends. And because we create specific solutions just for your business, you can confidently make smart decisions.

SageData is the easy way to adopt and adapt all the finance analytics data and make it work for you!

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How BI Tool Works

Successfully developed Business Intelligence Solutions go through three separate stages. Those are Data Collection and development of Data Warehouse, Data Manipulation and Data Visualisation.


Data Collection

The first thing that happens when you start building a Business Intelligence, is that you connect all of the data sources for your business to your own Data Warehouse where you collect and store all of your data.

Data Manipulation

During this stage, all previously collected data gets analyzed. The analysis process consists of many other smaller subprocesses, like Cohort Analysis, Data science, Anomaly Detection and many more.


Data Visualization

Our software provides you with graphs, histograms and other visual elements that make any report aesthetically pleasing, and easily-digestible, eliminating possibility for errors or misinterpretation of certain data.

Frequently Asked Questions

While Business Intelligence uses both past and current data, Business Analytics focuses more on past data only. Business Intelligence helps you run all your current operations, while Business Analytics is trying to change business operations for the better, to improve productivity and to predict possible outcomes.

There are three different types, or stages, of any Business Analytics Tool. Those are:

  • Descriptive Analytics – Uses KPIs to give you an idea of the current state of your business;
  • Predictive Analytics – Tries to predict future actions based on historical data;
  • Prescriptive Analytics – Shows you the best actions that can be taken for a given situation.

Relying on our Business Analytics Tool you get solutions on how to improve your business operations, and how to become better at what you are doing. It also saves you a lot of time as it analyzes all the Data automatically, so you won’t have to. Not only that, but it also provides you with quality reports that are visually pleasing and easily comprehensible for anyone who reads them.

Yes! Every business, no matter its niche or its size, can benefit from having a reliable Business Analytics Tool. Small Businesses and startups usually have limited budgets and limited capacities, so they need all the additional help they can get. Business Analytics Tools can help your business perform better and save you money in the long run.

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Solve your Data Analytics problems today!
Reach out to SageData team for a FREE consultation.
Solve your Data Analytics problems today!
Reach out to SageData team for a FREE consultation.

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