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Why should businesses use digital marketing analytics tools?

Digital marketing analytics is a key driver for a better understanding of company performance and future goals toward its customers. This data-driven approach is used by applying marketing analytics tools that analyze the drawbacks that need to be changed.

A suitable and comprehensive marketing strategy for any business is vital for its performance. While there are various traditional ways to check the effectiveness of a marketing strategy, nowadays, digital marketing analytics takes this process to a whole new level of efficiency.

Marketing analytics tools are software assistants to marketers in tracking and analyzing campaign results. Companies today can track a range of assessment methods and aggregate marketing data from various channels. Organizations utilize digital analytics as a tool to obtain, assess, and understand qualitative and quantitative data. Digital marketing analytics tools help businesses to:

  • Translate customer behaviour into actionable business data;
  • Research and measure customer engagement;
  • Find successful ways to pinpoint target groups and create a more detailed segmentation;
  • Analyze and forecast customer behaviour;
  • Select and prepare suitable digital marketing campaigns;
  • Predict positive outcomes and improve business strategies.

How can SageData help you analyze your business using digital marketing analytics tools?

Analytics in terms of digital marketing evaluates customer experience and interaction with the brand. Measuring customer engagement is crucial for comprehending beneficial outcomes, accomplished business goals, and what adjustments should be made in a marketing strategy.

Various online marketing analytics tools can boost company performance, and here are some of them:

  • Social media marketing analytics tools by which companies track the customers on their social media platforms;
  • Email marketing tools that analyze the engagement and efficiency of email marketing;
  • Other online marketing analysis tools which track online traffic, collect, and forecast quantitative and qualitative data from digital channels such as paid digital advertising, websites, and online search.

Online marketing analytics tools expand insights about customer behaviour and preferences. Digital analytics allows companies to ensure a great online experience for current and potential clients and results in achieving targeted objectives over time.

Marketing analytics software boosts lead generation by giving the data needed to optimize advertising campaigns and target the most profitable customers. Better leads result in increased sales and a higher return on investment.

With more than 20 years of team experience, SageData helps businesses oversee a better perspective of their customer involvement and increase overall performance by using various marketing analytics tools.

SageData is your trusted advisor when it comes to being efficient in improving decision-making processes. You will be able to create the most effective digital marketing approach for your target groups and acquire your business objectives.

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How BI Tool Works

Successfully developed Business Intelligence Solutions go through three separate stages. Those are Data Collection and development of Data Warehouse, Data Manipulation and Data Visualisation.


Data Collection

The first thing that happens when you start building a Business Intelligence, is that you connect all of the data sources for your business to your own Data Warehouse where you collect and store all of your data.

Data Manipulation

During this stage, all previously collected data gets analyzed. The analysis process consists of many other smaller subprocesses, like Cohort Analysis, Data science, Anomaly Detection and many more.


Data Visualization

Our software provides you with graphs, histograms and other visual elements that make any report aesthetically pleasing, and easily-digestible, eliminating possibility for errors or misinterpretation of certain data.

Frequently Asked Questions

While Business Intelligence uses both past and current data, Business Analytics focuses more on past data only. Business Intelligence helps you run all your current operations, while Business Analytics is trying to change business operations for the better, to improve productivity and to predict possible outcomes.

There are three different types, or stages, of any Business Analytics Tool. Those are:

  • Descriptive Analytics – Uses KPIs to give you an idea of the current state of your business;
  • Predictive Analytics – Tries to predict future actions based on historical data;
  • Prescriptive Analytics – Shows you the best actions that can be taken for a given situation.

Relying on our Business Analytics Tool you get solutions on how to improve your business operations, and how to become better at what you are doing. It also saves you a lot of time as it analyzes all the Data automatically, so you won’t have to. Not only that, but it also provides you with quality reports that are visually pleasing and easily comprehensible for anyone who reads them.

Yes! Every business, no matter its niche or its size, can benefit from having a reliable Business Analytics Tool. Small Businesses and startups usually have limited budgets and limited capacities, so they need all the additional help they can get. Business Analytics Tools can help your business perform better and save you money in the long run.

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