Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for Startups

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Benefits of Having Enterprise Resource Planning for Your Business

For the average business owner, creating reliable business operations may be a difficult task. The same thing applies to startups that are just starting to develop a product or a service. To improve efficiency, they can use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System.

What is ERP Software? It is a tool, commonly used to create working systems for businesses, no matter the size and niche. Typical for any ERP Software System is that it manages all different business processes on all levels of the organization in real-time. Its main objective is to help businesses grow.

Here are just a few main benefits of our ERP Software:

  • Collect, store, manage, analyze and interpret data from all your business activities;
  • Automatization of processes – improves general productivity among staff members;
  • Increases efficiency and overall business performance;
  • Lowers unnecessary expenses and helps your business to cut down on costs;
  • Improves performance of customer service;
  • Keeps history of every transaction;
  • Provides management with real-time access to information, allowing them to make informed decisions;
  • Protects all of your sensitive data by improving data security;
  • Helps your business adapt better to changes by using an agile-oriented methodology.

It does not matter if you are looking for ERP Software in the UK, or anywhere else really, check if your software provides each of the following services:

  • Supply Chain Management;
  • Field service;
  • HR & Payroll service;
  • Sales management module;
  • Finance module;
  • Procurement & Sourcing service;
  • Account management service.

Choose a Complete Business Intelligence Solution for Maximum Results

Businesses always need software – ERP, Data Visualisation, KPI Dashboards, etc., so they can operate better and achieve their objectives straightforwardly. To build a successful business, you need more than just one software like ERP. What you need is numerous tools at your disposal that will help you during this process. Therefore, you need a complete Business Intelligence Solution. SageData has been on the market long enough to understand thoroughly the ins and outs of how businesses work to provide you with well-developed solutions.

We have gathered an impeccable team of professionals – Marketing Analysts, Data Scientists, Statistics Engineers, etc. – that strive to make Business Intelligence Solutions that are as unique as your business. We take pride in saying that every solution we develop has always been and will continue to be specifically tailored to the business’ needs. Some key industries SageData can provide solutions to are:

  • Consulting;
  • Education;
  • Retail;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Insurance;
  • Ecommerce.

Why do you need SageData’s complete business intelligence solution? SageData’s solutions give you:

  • Access to over 100 Data Integrations;
  • Customized to the business’ needs Data Warehouse;
  • Conversion Funnels to see where customers drop off and tips on what to improve to gain more conversions;
  • Automation, so you don’t waste time on mundane tasks and spreadsheets;
  • Connection to your social media accounts to track content performance;
  • Variety of software to help you with your business – KPI Dashboard Software, Data Visualisation Software, Predictive Analytics Software, Management Reporting Software, Anomaly Detection Software, etc.
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How BI Software Works

Written below, you will see the steps needed for any specifically tailored Business Intelligence Solution. The process consists of three crucial consecutive steps – Data Collection, Data Manipulation, and Data Visualisation. Here is how they work:


Data Collection

The essence of this initial stage is to establish a reliable connection between your business tools and all Data Integrations we are providing. It then transfers all of your available business information in a personally developed Data Warehouse. Keep in mind that you can use a fully managed Warehouse, or you can upload your own – whatever fits your needs best!

Data Manipulation

After a Data Warehouse is developed, or uploaded into the system, the Analyzation process begins. To analyze the information correctly and avoid any possible errors during this process, SageData uses many different techniques. Some of them are Anomaly Detection, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Cohort Analysis, Forecasting, etc.


Data Visualization

During this final stage, you turn your analyzed data into breathtaking graphic reports. With the help of our Data Visualisation Software, you can create attractive and at the same time completely informational reports. You can choose from a huge assortment of visual elements – graphs, tables, scatter plots, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

It combines a series of modules that are interconnected with each other. Each module serves a particular business area – finance, HR, marketing, sales, etc. Those modules cover every operation that runs within the organization. Each department has separate systems, but they can all be accessed through one application. Furthermore, managers can add employees from different departments to other external systems to complete particular requests when necessary.

What makes ERP stand out is its ability to provide information for businesses regardless of their niche. At its core, ERP is a resource management platform and every business has resources it needs to look after – employees, business data, finances, etc. Therefore ERP software can be of help to every business.

No. ERP Software is helpful to all businesses regardless of their size. Startups and small business owners always need additional guidance, especially in the beginning, to help them prioritize what’s important, create a reliable structure and track overall performance. Big organizations can not do without the help of ERP Software System as they do not have the time to track everything by themselves.

Your ERP software gives you real-time information about your business. However, how this information is presented to your employees depends entirely on your reports. Text-only reviews could be confusing and incomprehensible. So, to make understandable reports that highlight all significant points in a visually pleasing manner is a must for every business.

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