Event tracking done right

The most scaleable tracking solution for your business

We provide cloud based event tracking for your apps and web products to give you the detailed data and the best insight !

What makes us
the best?



Data appears in reports in less than 5 minutes after the event is triggered



Custom event parameters to suit your business



Deploy atribution and data modeling scripts for instant insight



We give you access to raw data so you can remodel your business assumptions



We use Anomaly detection and ML algorhythms to ensure the accuracy of your data.



Designed to run in AWS with minimal cost requirements

What can you expect?

Check out our sample report on Facebook engagements

Can reports
inspire action?


Check out our tableu public page

Tracking and more

Model your data


With access to detailed events, your team can deploy custom data modling scripts.

Attribute traffic


Know when your visitors come from any of your marketing campaigns or partner networks.

Replay models


With historic data, apply new business models to past events.

Focus on important


We take care of all tracking and reporting so you can focus on growing your business.

Need a custom BI Solution?

We offer Business Intelligence consulting and custom technology solutions to suit your business. Whether you need to build a new Data Warehouse, integrate a data source or optimise a data transformation process, we can help.

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